Ns. Fauzan Saputra - Becoming a Critic

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“An opportunity never comes twice”, one of the aphorism that always influences me to face my challenging life, especially when I have to make a critical decision. Some people said that I am an opportunist; because I always take every interesting chance that appears in my life. Furthermore, when I got the opportunity to join Democracy School of North Aceh (SDAU) in 2011, I pushed my luck; because democracy was a something new for me. It is strongly believed that education will alter your attitude. After finishing one-year’s course, I have found my self changed. I can see my totally transformation from Spongebob Squarepants, the fool one, to Dora the Explorer, the smart one. Suddenly, I become a critic. I get used to discuss about political problems that occur in Aceh, Indonesia, or overseas countries. However, being a critic has positive effects more than its negative effects.

There are two positive effects of being critic. Firstly, it can improve my knowledge by having a new information. When we want to criticize some issues or trends, we have to be adept at the topic. It will lead us to find the latest information about it by having a book’s reading, an internet’s surfing, or an interview’s observing. For intance, if a bylaw-critique is our interest, we have to learn about its background, process, and residents’s reaction. After we have enough information about the regulation, we can critisize about the issue easily. In this case, it is better for us to have a factual data to strengthen our personal opinion to defeat our opponent; because there is no spesific meaning of friend or enemy in political term. Today’s friends can be our tomorrow’s enemies. That is why critics always improve themselves to be one-step-ahead group than others to affect people’s opinion with their own opinion. Secondly, being critic can increases our endurance and self-awareness. When our critiques irritate others, we have to be prepared for any circumstances that will put us in bull-eyed position. The opposites may critique you as well, even they can bother your personal life; marriage, divorce, or other unimportant issues, and expose them in public accordingly. I ever had those bad experiences when I put my self as critic but learning at SDAU increase my abilities to overcome the situations, because SDAU prepared the student to critisize each other and learning by hearing other student’s opinion.

Beside the positive effects, being critic also has negative effects. By having too high-life standard, sometimes I critique my self badly if I can not make my dream come true. But when it occurs, I try to encourage my self by discussing it with my friend and share the silliness that we made in our lives. In addition, being a critic makes us selfish. The critics only can talk and blame the government without doing anything. Some of critic never give a spesific solution to overcome the problem. Even they give it so, they try to avoid directly-involved on that solution. But, when the solution is handled by someone else, they start to critisize repetitively. In this case, I do not want to be that kind of critic, that is why I always try to find a solution and get my self involved deep into the issue that I am interested. Instead, good critics are needed to guard the development of the country, decrease any corruption circumstances, and make our country to be a better country than other countries in Southeast Asia.

To summarize, being a critic is not a bad choice because it will not only make us improve our capabiliity and capacity; especially when we learn some new information, but also increase our endurance and awareness to overcome any stressfull situations and make us a better person than anyone else. Being critic also means that we are not only able to critisize some issues but also offer a solution that we have to involved. That is why I suggest everyone who read this essay to be a good critic and help our country to control the development and eradicate its obstacles and make it a better place to live. We have to learn how to be a good critic, and SDAU is one of the place that give a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more about democracy, how it can help us to build our capability and capacity, and to be a good critic. That is what I got from SDAU, and I have to thanks it for making me a good critic even for myself.

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